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PURPOSE: Get your new employee incorporated into their new job as promptly as possible. All new employees will be taking actions that are improper for the first period of time and that is a waste of precious time. The process of ‘Time To Perform’cleans up, polishes and helps the employee to reach the desired result of the job much faster. The individual performance consultations focuses on structure, speed and aim to address the new employees challenges in the current moment. We continuously accustom the conversations so they accurately confront all the needs and challenges that may occur.

PURPOSE: Sustainability consultations. Many top-managers prefer to continue with consultations to maintain the benefits of the ‘Time To Perform’ program. This is to ensure that the personal changes created in the program are kept. When many personal changes have been implemented, just one talk, every one to two months can make a huge difference in staying on track, and at the same time ensure the highest, so called, connect back value. The connect back value means that all the tools that have been developed especially for the individual employee during the ‘Time To Perform’ program, are all taken advantage of, on a daily basis – now and in the future. In order to make sure that the development created in the coaching aligns with the needs and expectations of the line manager, and organization in general, this program includes intermediate talks with the line manager, and clear advice post program. The goal of this approach is to help the line manager maintain and expand the performance of the employee in the future. This program is called ‘Keep The Change’, and is offered in three various lengths, depending on the needs, which are negotiated individually. The options are; 6, 12 or 18 talks of the duration of 90 minutes pr. talk, provided once a month. The ‘Keep The Change’ program is, just like the ‘Time To Perform’ program, a unique program developed by Thomas Bon, a Danish business psychologist, who works globally with accelerating onboarding and development.

PURPOSE: ‘Time To Perform’ can now include a qualitative 360° evaluation program, including the whole team, called ‘Time To Perform 360°’. By collecting information from both the manager’s manager and the team, the ‘Time To Perform’ program can accurately improve not only the managers performance, but also the performance of each team member. The TTP 360° includes two talks, of the duration of one hour pr. talk. Two talks with each team member, focusing on the individual employees needs from their manager to top-perform at all times. In the first talk, all information is collected. The second talk, the focus is directed towards the development of the manager, and a final analysis of what each team member needs from their manager in order to continue the improved performance. All information collected from the team will be the foundation for optimizing the ‘Time To Perform’ process for the manager. Finishing the TTP 360°, the manager will be briefed on the team members top three managerial needs to perform their best – now and in the future.